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    Hypoxia Media player with WiFi streaming now available

    The 9800 has WiFi media syncing. That is a nifty feature to have on your BlackBerry. Mblware’s Hypoxia media player for BlackBerry Smartphones features WiFi Streaming, to and from your pc, your Xbox, or even another BlackBerry. Just connect your Berry to your network, or any network for that matter, start up Hypoxia, and share your media.

    Do you have a sudden urge to watch your wedding video, while in the bathroom? Want to listen to Metallica while raking leaves, but don’t have it on your media card? Do you want to share a slideshow with someone on the other side of a conference room? Problem solved. I can see a ton of uses for this app, and I highly recommend you try it out.

    I cannot find a trial, but the $7.99 price tag does not seem too high if this is something that interests you.Hypoxia Features

    Hypoxia not only plays music and videos* from your network over wifi, but it's also a Media Server**capable of streaming to supported devices like Xbox360, Windows Media Player or another BlackBerry smartphone!

    • Wifi streaming
    • Twitter integration
    • Full skinning system
    • In app SMS, PIN, and Email notifications
    • "Now Playing" Playlist editing
    • Album artwork (ID3)
    • Audio and Video playback
    • Quick keyboard shortcuts
    • Bluetooth support
    • Hypoxia PicShows (Slideshows w/music)

    * Video Streaming: BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 owners can now enjoy the added feature of Streaming Video from their wifi network. (More phones to be supported soon).
    ** To run Hypoxia as a Media Server the Mblware Network Assistant software is needed, get it at Hypoxia by mblware
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