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    Trillian IM Client Leaves Beta

    Well it looks like the new IM client Trillian has left beta and is now available in App World. It also looks like there is a lot of upset beta testers, because the new version .221 has a lot of bugs that were reported in .220. There is also some people arguing that Cerulean Studios, the makers of Trillian, should help them out and not make them pay $4.99 for essentially the same application. Although the application has some hiccups, I've seen people say they like it a lot better than IM+, which can run you $39.99. Make sure to grab Trillian now as the price is set to jump after some time; $4.99 is just the introductory price. For you Trillian beta testers, let us know your opinion or tell us what your favorite IM client is below.

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