The ultimate shortcut manager for the BlackBerry OS6. No need to create special Launchers for shortcuts on the home screen ever again.
Use Shortcut Manager to manage all your shortcuts for email, sms, pin, email, website, phone call, appt, memo, task, video, mp3 songs, search YouTube and more. You can even create a complete email, sms or pin message and then send the message by just Launching the shortcut and then select Send.

Designed specifically for BlackBerry OS6
  • Create over 12 different shortcuts
  • Can change shortcut names
  • Can change shortcut icon and rollover
  • Can compose a complete message for email, sms and pin and then just launch shortcut and send it
  • Supports Contact lookup for phone, email, sms, pin and website
  • Export shortcuts to SD card for OS upgrade or backup
  • Import shortcuts from SD Card
  • Delete all shortcuts
  • Refresh all shortcuts
  • Shortcuts created are placed into a specific folder