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    SCCOPE for BlackBerry

    In the present economic situation, money is tight, we know that much already.
    We are always looking for ways to save money. Whether you use a BlackBerry or another popular smart phone, you can now take an application called Sccope with you while you shop!

    SCCOPE is a very handy shopping assistant. It provides consumers with reassurance on their purchases by providing detailed information on prices from top retailers. Sccope focuses on electronics, games, books, DVDs and toys and carries 280,000 separate product numbers and four million different price points. Sccope is available in BlackBerry App World for only $2.99.

    Do you have this app or are you going to get it? What was the best buy you got using this app?

    I would love to hear some real world stories from you guys and gals below!!
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