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    BlackBerry App World 2.0 has Moved from Beta to Offical Release

    Recently App World 2.0 was released in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and it looks like it is now available to the general public. This new version of App World comes with great new features and some older features that have been updated and expanded upon. Some of these features are changes that we have needed for soooo long. It is about time that Appworld be brought up to the level that other smartphones have set. Now on to the features...

    Credit Card Payment Option

    • With the new BlackBerry App World, customers are able to purchase applications using major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. Carrier billing may also be supported by certain carriers.

    Easier Application Discovery

    • BlackBerry App World adds new tabbed sections for various applications lists. Users can horizontally swipe or scroll to quickly view the Top 25 Free Apps, Top 25 Paid Apps and Top 25 Themes, as well as the Newest Apps and Recently Updated Apps.

    QR barcode scanning

    • Is now supported, allowing users to scan a QR code associated with an application from anywhere – the web, print ads, brochures, etc. BlackBerry App World will quickly find the related application, and automatically open and download its page.

    BlackBerry ID

    • BlackBerry ID provides customers with a device-independent user identification (ID) for BlackBerry App World. It enables credit card payments and allows customers to seamlessly transfer their personal library of free and purchased apps when they switch to a new BlackBerry smartphone.

    Download your copy of App World 2.0 from Appworld

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    I love how the top 25 has that BB6 look to it. I also noticed you can organize your lists by vendor, not sure if you were able to before? Hmmm I haven't tried purchasing anything yet so I don't know how that goes with the CC but its a great feature so I will soon purchase my first app from app world, lol! Another thing I seen was in my world you can collapse the list, Although I only have one, I'm sure I will find out what that has coming soon.
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    i also like the changes... esspecially the speed increase...

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