The company AccelGolf has released a new version of their application, GPS Rangefinder and Scorecard app. You still have plenty of time left in the year to take the clubs out and have some fun, and with this app, you can spend more time doing what you love.

Features include:

Three modes of distance tracking:

Landmarks View – Use this list of landmarks to check your precise distance to the front, center, and back of green, and distance to hazards.

Aerial Hole View – See the entire course before tee-off to determine distances for your planned strokes.

Aerial Green View – Before your approach shot, check your distance to any point on the green with pinpoint accuracy.

A full-featured scorecard is also included:

  • Faster than your pencil and paper
  • Know how far you hit with each club
  • Access statistics only the pros track
  • Understand the strengths and deficiencies in your play
  • Store every game and scorecard for a complete history of your play

The application is $29.99 and is supported with an impressive Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Have you tried this app out yet, or are you going to?

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