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    BlackBerry MVS 5.0 Now Available

    The BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.0 is available now. The new MVS ties into an existing BES and PBX and allows for much greater flexibility for BlackBerry enterprise users. The enterprise user should be able to manage their desk phone while staying mobile. For example, when using the MVS, your work number which normally routes to your desk phone can be set to forward to your BlackBerry. Gone are the days of calling into your office to check your voicemail. The MVS also allows you to use your BlackBerry just like your desk phone; you can receive a call on your work line (now your BlackBerry) and transfer the call to someone in the office. The MVS also lets your network administrator set IT policies as required by your company. Lastly, MVS 5.0 is fairly cheap, only $180 per user license. If you or you're company is implementing an MVS, drop us a comment and let us know what other features the MVS 5.0 has.
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