Xobni Gets Another Update and Needs Beta Testers
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Thread: Xobni Gets Another Update and Needs Beta Testers

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    Xobni Gets Another Update and Needs Beta Testers

    Xobni, the popular address book manager, has been updated to include more features and bug fixes. If you recall, Xobni spent time being tested and improving based on feedback from the beta testers. This time the folks at Xobni are asking for more feedback before they lease their newest version. Some of the features of the new version include:

    • Performance improvements for BlackBerrry local data integration
    • Performance improvements for scrolling in the search results
    • Better integration with Blackberry Address book
    • Trials and gift code activation
    • Phone number source and email snippet from Xobni One/Outlook Xobni one status dialog
    • LinkedIn “Sign-in” integration for additional data access (in Options)

    The folks at Xobni did not give a release date but did say they will be releasing the new version after enough feedback has been generated from beta testers. Make sure to download the application and leave feedback for the developers. Leave us a comment in the forums and tell us what your favorite Xobni feature is.

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    The app seems really nice. But is just too chaotic. Too much going on, it lacks organization. I don't like the fact that all the contacts and messages are all mixed together. I'm sure there is a way to organize it (atleast I hope so). But for a 14 day trial is just not worth the headache. Is just my two cents. Other than that it seems like a nice face lift for the ****py and generic contact list.
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