Today RIM has announced that eBay for BlackBerry is official. Sitting at, the UI is very smooth, and loading times are pretty instantaneous. I have to tip my hat off too RIM for doing such a great job with this app. Mauricio over @BBrocks stumbled across the updated features on the BlackBerry support page, and the list is as follows:

  • Push capabilities on your BlackBerry® smartphone– know when there’s a change in an item’s status
  • Works with other BlackBerry® applications – receive reminders in your calendar and status updates in your message list
  • A high-quality eBay® experience on your BlackBerry® smartphone
  • Review your sale items, view items that have sold, and relist items
  • Search, bid, buy and watch – do it all from just about anywhere
  • My eBay activity summary – keep a close eye on all your activities
  • PayPal® compatible – pay for your item right from your BlackBerry smartphone
  • Free, easy access – download on the BlackBerry App World™ storefront

New features in the latest version:

  • View all scheduled items for sale, active items, and all sold and unsold items
  • Ability to relist items for sale when current auction ends with no sale
  • As a buyer, ask the seller a question from within the listing
  • As a seller, reply to the buyer’s question

Note: The eBay® application for BlackBerry® smartphones requires the following: 1. Activation with data plan including, Internet browsing capability, 2. BlackBerry smartphone with at least 64-MB of application memory (with at least 1000KB available), 3. BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5 or higher, 4. An eBay account in good standing.