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    Beyond160 for the Storm

    Here is a great one, how many times have you been replying to a text and run out of letters. Happens to me all the time and i never think about using the mms if i start it.

    GSM carriers never have an issue allowing a BlackBerry to send long texts. If it?s long, it will automatically break it into 160 character chunks. The term for this is Extended/Multipart SMS. It might break it into six messages, but you only pay for one. This is not supported on CDMA BlackBerry models such as the BlackBerry Storm, Curve 8330, etc. So this includes: Alltel, Bell, Sprint, Telus, and Verizon Wireless.

    For those of us who love long texts but have a CDMA carrier, Cannon Soft has announced their solution for you. It is called Beyond160, v1.0.0. The application will automatically break up the texts into 160 character messages, and it will send them in order through the normal sms outbox with delivery confirmation. The application does have a fourteen day trial period. Be aware that although GSM carriers will charge as one text, CDMA carriers will charge per message. This means if you do not have an unlimited text plan, and the message is broken into three messages, you will be charged for three messages. So if you find yourself typing long messages, trying them to shorten them, don?t fret, just download Beyond160 today.

    Beyond160 v1.0.0, by Cannon Soft you can download a free trial from Beyond160 - Communication & Internet BlackBerry Software - BlackBerrySync Store.

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    Why text messages are limited to 160 characters

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