S4BB software is continuing to sell WorldDialer without warning customers that it completely bricks the Storm2 running the latest official OS. My email exchange with their customer service department tells the story better than I can.

Here's my initial email through their website:

BRICKED my Verizon Storm 2.

I loved WordDialer when I bought it on May 5 from Mobihand (Order #XXXXX), but it’s proven to be worthless with the release of the new official software for my Verizon Storm2,, WorldDialer bricks the phone after a battery pull.

The progress bar moves normally until it hits the end, then the phone freezes on the infamous Verizon Screen of Death.

I've reinstalled the OS repeatedly, adding apps slowly and doing a battery pull after each. It loads fine until I get WorldDialer installed, then the problem comes back again.

I realize I'm just outside the 30 day return period, but I'd like my five bucks back if you can't resolve this issue.
Their reply:

Thank you for your feedback and support.
We are aware of this issue and we are currently looking into it for our next update which will be released very soon.
For now you may load your device without WorldDialer temporarily by going to Start -> Run -> Cmd on your computer. Then connect the storm2 to your computer and then run the following in the command screen in the javaloader directory: javaloader -u erase -f worlddialer.cod.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
My response:

My experience with your software was frustrating, but your response is positively infuriating.

You are continuing to sell software that renders users' devices completely inoperable, dismissing it as a known issue? That's completely unacceptable. It would take very little effort to update your website and the Mobihand download with a disclosure that this program is incompatible with the latest official release from a major U.S. carrier.

I consider myself an advanced user, but I spent HOURS isolating the problem with WorldDialer, and was able to resolve the problem through trial and error, including many lengthy reboots and reinstallations, finally removing the COD file with BBSAK. A simple warning that it was incompatible with the OS could have saved me all that time and effort.

It's not as if I'm running a leaked operating system; version is an official release from Verizon Wireless (and other carriers).

I'm not the kind of person who complains when a five dollar application doesn't perform as expected, or when a developer charges a couple bucks for an upgrade. However, S4BB has shown utter disregard for customers by failing to warn that WorldDialer is crashware when used with OS

I've said good things about your software on a number of BlackBerry user forums, and now feel equally obligated to share your reply. S4BB may not be concerned enough about this issue to take immediate action, but I certainly don't want to be an accomplice to your irresponsible actions.