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    The next step in CallerID has done it again. They have stepped up the text to speech field of 3rd party apps and have now jumped their text to speech into a new CallerID application. This app will take an incoming call and read the Callers Name and Phone number aloud, using text to speech technology. This will also work with a bluetooth headset or bluetooth car systems, as well as work seamlessly with the application itself. All around this seems like a great application to get your hands on!

    The CallerIDReader is now available for all in a Free or Premium version. The free version will read the incoming callers name from your address book or phone number but will prompt you with an upgrade message after every 3rd use. To remove the upgrade message the cost is $3.95 semi-annually or a $9.95 one time payment. Either way you end up spinning this, Free or Premium, I think this is a very handy application. I personally think it would help against driving with phone accidents.

    Keep your eyes on the road and your ears on your phone! Enjoy this new app!

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    I purchased this new Caller ID app from the makers of, however it did not work on my Storm 9530. It only reads the last 4 digits of the callers number. Not the callers name. The volume control didnt work. It is loud. and there is no option for a male readers voice. Will like this app when all this is fixed but for now still having trouble getting a refund.:no:

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