With the new AppWorld 2.0 buzz catching on, I have been surfing the web and looking for more info about this new version and I have found this great video walk through. This video shows, in detail, all the new features of the 2.0 version soon to launch.

Some of the new AppWorld 2.0 features will be:
  • Split Top 25 apps (Paid and Free) and Top 25 Themes (Paid and Free)
  • Blackberry App World Barcode Scanning for easily grabbing apps by just taking a picture. App and Theme Designers will be able to post Barcodes around the web, when you see one scan it and you will go straight to the app.
  • More Billing Options:
    o Credit cards – Varies by region
    o Carrier billing – Just pay for an app on your wireless bill
    o Paypal - The traditional AppWorld way
  • Blackberry ID – A new independent user identification system, used for downloading apps and easily switching devices