At WES 2010 I met with Peter Werry of Multiplied Media, the company behind Poynt. While I'm sure the majority of the BBOS readers are already familiar with Poynt here's a brief overview for anyone who is not. Additionally, here is some information about what's new in the latest update they have released.

Poynt is a free all-in-one search application which connects users to local businesses, movie theaters, restaurants and retailers. After you find your search result Poynt then allows the user to interact with the result. For example, you can call the business directly from Poynt, buy a movie ticket, watch a movie trailer or make a restaurant reservation.

A recent version update for Poynt added the following enhancements:

  • GPS and battery life enhancements.
  • Integration with VZ Navigator 5.0.
  • Integration with Telmap, the leading mobile navigation application in Europe.
  • Improved compatibility with TeleNav.

Poynt is available at and in App World.