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    Sccope at WES 2010

    At WES 2010 I met with Marc Clifton from Cogenta Systems and he introduced me to their shopping and price comparison application known as Sccope. Sccope is one of those applications that has the potential to be such a time and money saving application it makes me wonder why shopping like this is not the norm by now.

    Here's how Sccope works:
    1. Using the Sccope application from your BlackBerry you scan a product barcode.
    2. Sccope retrieves a list of prices for that product from a variety of major retailers.
    3. You can sort and compare the prices to decide which retailer has the best deal.
    4. Using a security pin code you established with Sccope you can buy the product directly from within Sccope.
    5. The product is shipped and delivered to your door.

    Originally starting in the UK as an iPhone application, Sccope soon became the top shopping application with over 1 million searches in the first month and has since branched out to UK BlackBerry devices as well. The US version of Sccope is in its final stages of development and should be released by or before July 2010.

    When the US version of Sccope launches in App World we will post a follow up story.

    Since Sccope is still just focusing on the UK their web site contains only UK information but you can visit Sccope at
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