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    Bug between StormLock and QuickLaunch?

    On my 9530, I have StormLock and QuickLaunch both installed. I've started seeing a recent bug and I can't attribute it to one or the other because I upgraded both on the same day. I wondered if anyone else is having this problem?

    When I place a call using QuickLaunch, StormLock appears above the QL menu bar (high on the screen) prior to the QL bar disappearing. After QL disappears, StormLock's window stays high on the screen rather than recentering in the screen. The phone screen behind operates fine (meaning, it updates, counts seconds, looks fine, etc), but StormLock cannot be cleared with the Escape button. After ending the call (which I'm not sure if I do it by pressing the red button, or if it ends because the person I call hung up), the StormLock window stays and still cannot be cleared and the screen, green phone, BB, and Esc buttons are locked.

    The left and right convenience keys work (which for me are QL and camera). If I press the Left convenience key (which is my QL key), I can get my QL menu up and click the things I have on my menu, and I can click the BB button then, but if I go to the "add" or "edit" screens, then the screen is locked again. It only works on the QL menu bar type screen.

    The only fix I've found is to do a battery pull, or click "Reset Device" from QL.

    Has anyone else had this issue? If not, do you think I should report it to QuickLaunch, or StormLock, or both?

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    I can't give you any first hand experience with the apps. But my suggestion would be to remove both apps to make sure the problem goes away. Then had one app back at a time after confirming there are no issues.

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