This release of Poynt (and the previous one) also interface to AT&T Navigator - however, both releases have a severe problem in this regard:

If you select a POI from a Poynt list, and then click "Map Route" on the menu key, it launches AT&T Navigator - but NAV then states "Address not found". However, if you manually enter the address of the POI into NAV, it finds it just fine.

In addition, Poynt will launch NAV only the first time after device power up - if you try to "Map Route" a second time (as in see if it can find the address this time!), it will not even launch NAV.

I have sent several emails to Poynt support about this and do not get any response - very disappointing. YES - Poynt is a free app, but if they claim it interacts with another app and it has problems, and a user takes the time to tell them that fact, they should at least reply . .