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Yesterday MobileQs released a new Question Pack with 300 new questions about mainstream American TV from 2000 – 2010. Question types vary, and include actors & actresses, famous quotes, plots, awards and other questions about recent mainstream American TV from the major channels, like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, MTV & ESPN.

Get it here from BlackBerryOS: MobileQs TV from the 2000s Questions | Expansion Pack | 300 New Questions - Entertainment BlackBerry Apps

MobileQs has become the top trivia game because it has the most questions and it’s easy to add more in different categories. There are more than 20 new Question Packs coming out soon! To view the other question packs, search for ‘MobileQs’ on BlackBerryOS.

They include: Classic Movies, American Football, The Olympics, Stocks & Ticker Symbols and Random Questions.

You need the original MobileQs game which comes with 1100 questions to play the Question Packs and it is currently on sale here: MobileQs Trivia Game with Question Pack 1 | Best Selling Trivia Game for BlackBerry! - Games BlackBerry Apps

Please post a review and let us know which question packs you would like to see next!