From the moment I downloaded Vlingo over a year ago, I was hooked and instantly fell in love with this app. I immediately upgraded to their premium account. Vlingo is just great for me. It's not perfect, but then what app is?

Recently Vlingo just blew me away. They released a new version of their product. It's called Vlingo Safe Reader.

What this new version does is allow you to set your profile to have your SMS and emails read to you without removing your BB from your holster or touching it in any way. I get news flashes from several different sources all day. With Safe Reader, each of these are read to me as they arrive. Emails too. There is something like a 50 character limit and then after that the message is truncated but WOW is this baby sweet.

I have had a couple of occaisions where an incoming message was inappropriate. For instance, today I was at Fed Ex sending a package and addressing a label with people all around me. In came a message and it really wasn't the place for it because other people weren't interested in hearing it. I picked up by 9700 and turned off the Safe Reader program. Problem solved. Another time, I was sitting at my desk talking to a colleague when a very sensitive and confidential email arrived. Safe Reader began reading it and got the title out before I could get my hands on my BB and shut it off so my collegue got the smallest hint of some information he shouldn't have had access to. It's not perfect but then again, what app is.

But by in large, I love this app. I can't say how much time this has saved me and how useful I find it. Most of the stuff about the thing going off in public could simply be avoided by only using Safe Reader in private situations (your car, your closed office, etc) and the instances I cited were caused by my not being more conservative about leaving his app running all the time ... you don't need to do that. But I just love this thing and use it all the time.

If you haven't checked out Vlingo, you should.