Who say's your BlackBerry can't keep you in shape?! Gym Technik recently updated their software with a whole set of new features which personally gives me a great vibe. The one thing I have always hated about personal habit trackers or expense trackers is the simple fact that I have to repetitively input information over and over. Gym Technik is out to solve that problem for lazy people like myself. They have recently teamed up with Withings to bring a new and interesting feature.

Withings is known for their WiFi Body Scale that connects to your internet via WiFi and tweets your weight throughout your workout and/or weight loss progress. Well, now it connects to your internet via WiFi and updates your progress on the Gym Technik website and, you guessed it, updates your mobile application with your progress as well. That's just plain awesome. Who would have guessed someone else hated doing repetitive things like myself? Gym Technik did. This is interesting and opens a whole world of things that can be linked to my mobile. For example, when are TV companies going to jump ships on remotes and come over to the mobile side - we always lose the remote, but rarely does a BlackBerry addict lose his BlackBerry. So what are the thoughts on this piece of hardware? Is it worth it to pay $159.00 to have it update your information via WiFI? Let me know!