Bellshare has followed up their release of BerryMail with a free version of the app called BeMail. BeMail is a rule based app to help you better manage your e-mail. Below is a description of the app from BlackBerry App World.

BeMail Free Overview: BeMail Free contains some of the most used features of BerryMail/BeMail completely FREE! BeMail manages your e-mail inbox by allowing you to define rules that automatically act on your incoming e-mails. Automatically delete junk e-mails or mark as opened.

  • BeMail Free is limited to a maximum of 3 rules
  • Create incoming e-mail rules based on Sender address
  • Automatically trigger the deleting of messages or marking messages open
  • Create rules right from within your inbox by using an e-mail as the template
  • Create rules right from your address book
  • Backup/restore all rules to/from memory card

You can pick up BeMail as well as check out all the features of the full version in BlackBerry App World.

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