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    I installed the Lite version and since then my scheduled power-off/power-on of my Storm as well as the scheduled reboot via QuickPull do not happen. I'm not sure if there are any permissions I need to screw with or not. I just saw that v2.0.0.2 was up there so I just installed it, so we'll see if that fixes my issue. Anyone else experience this? D/L link for Lite is

    UPDATE-1: It seems after testing with ALL permissions set to Allow as required, if PatternLock screen is not active my phone will power off and then back on again, however if the screen is active the phone will NOT power off. I'm guessing if this prevents the phone from powering off then it is also preventing QuickPull from running (I haven't tested this part yet...).

    UPDATE-2: [From Tafasa technical support...] Hi, PatternLock 2.0 brought a lot of new features, and one of them was enhanced security. The application now has an option to allow applications to pop up information while locked, and that is by default set to no. The features you mentioned in your email are ones that only work by popping up information first. PatternLock now will dismiss them because of this new security setting. PatternLock Lite does not have the option to disable this in its feature set, but it is available, alongside tons more features, in the full version. Tafasa Support

    [From me to Tafasa technical support...] Hi. I just recently upgraded to PL Lite (and just today to and have a small issue. When using the version I was able to have my Storm 9530 perform a scheduled power-off at 12am daily and a scheduled power-on at 6:30am daily. Additionally QuickPull was scheduled for a 6:45am reboot daily. Since installing the 2.0.0.X versions, this is no longer possible if the PatternLock screen is active (I have it set to lock after 30mins of inactivity). If the PL screen is not active (unlocked) then all works as normal. Is this by design or perhaps a bug in the new version? Are there any particular permissions I should edit (everything is set to Allow as instructed by the app)? Please advise.

    UPDATE-3: [I][From Tafasa technical support...] Hi, Unfortunately, the possibility of rolling back to a previous version does not exist. We can only support the latest version of our applications, and we update all our distribution channels to contain these versions. However, I don't believe you will regret the purchase as PatternLock has been widely regarded as the best device lock available, especially with all the new customization features introduced in 2.0.
    Tafasa Support

    [From me to Tafasa technical support...] Thank you for your prompt response. So if I understand you correctly, then either I have to purchase the full version or roll back to the version. Is that correct?

    I guess I'll have to pull the file(s) from an old backup I have saved; I'm glad I have multiple backups saved on my PC.
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