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    Vlingo Adds SafeReader Free to Vlingo for BlackBerry

    Vlingo Corporation, maker of the world’s most popular mobile voice application, today announced version 4.5 of Vlingo, offering a new, free feature that gives users more “hands-free” control of their BlackBerry® smartphones and helps deter driving while texting. SafeReader, a free feature available immediately to all users of Vlingo for BlackBerry smartphone users, provides drivers with a safer, easier way to consume incoming text and email messages. Rather than fumbling to retrieve and read messages while on the road, SafeReader reads them aloud so drivers never have to take their eyes off of the road or hands off of the wheel.

    “Although Vlingo does not condone the use of a mobile device while driving, we believe SafeReader provides a safe, hands-free option for receiving must-have messages while on the go,” said Dave Grannan, chief executive officer of Vlingo. “Before getting on the road, simply press a button, speak to the device ‘Start SafeReader’, and all incoming messages will be delivered audibly, without fail. We believe that any distracted driving is dangerous, but with SafeReader we can ensure that getting incoming texts and emails when driving is no more distracting than listening to the radio. By providing our BlackBerry smartphone users with SafeReader we hope to keep the roads a little safer.”

    Being a long time user of Vlingo, I have downloaded this upgrade and it's really pretty slick !! Get an email or text, and your notifier goes off, ( I use BerryBuzz), and then a nice female voice says who it's from and starts reading to you your email or SMS. You can verbally turn it on, or turn it off. I can see this as being a very handy and popular application.

    Vlingo 4.5 for BlackBerry smartphones with SafeReader can be downloaded for free on BlackBerry App World or directly from Vlingo.

    Please leave your feedback and share your opinions here...
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    SafeReader is a nice addition to this latest Vlingo App. (v4.5.1) It seems to work very well except for one problem that I have had while selecting "Google" as the default search engine. It simply does not work; however if you select Yahoo, it works with no problems, suggesting there may be a broken link in the "Google" search feature of this latest version? Has anyone else found this to be an issue?

    Update hone:
    I spoke to Vlingo Support today. See their response below.

    Thank you for contacting Vlingo Customer Support.
    We are aware that some users get a blank page when they try to search on Google using Vlingo. We are currently investigating this problem, but there is no workaround at this time. Affected users will need to configure Vlingo to search using the Yahoo Search engine, while we are working to address this problem.
    To change the search engine in Vlingo:
    1. Open Vlingo.
    2. Select > Options
    3. Set Web Search Engine to ‘Yahoo’.
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    I downloaded Vlingo (V4.5.1) yesterday to my BB Curve 8530 & the safeReader works very well along with app. The only negative is that you can't use Google as your web search engine.

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