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    BerryMail. A new app from Bellshare.

    Bellshare has just released a new app called BerryMail. This is a neat little app that helps enhance the BlackBerry email experience. With BerryMail you can create rules that will help you keep spam under control, mark predefined email addresses as "read", automatically delete emails, or stop the LED from flashing. This lightweight app packs a powerful punch. I was lucky enough to get to beta test this app and it does exactly what it claims. Better yet, Bellshare has decided to offer a free 7 day trial. The full feature list is below.

    • Create incoming e-mail rules based on:
      • Sender address
      • Message subject
      • Message body
      • E-mail account
      • Attachment presence
    • Automatically trigger one of the following actions:
      • Delete message
      • Mark message as opened
      • Don't flash LED (compatible with BerryBuzz 2.2 and later)
      • Set high priority message flag
      • Set low priority message flag
    • Create rules right from within your inbox by using an e-mail as the template
    • Create rules right from your address book
    • Backup/restore all rules to/from memory card

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    I saw this & downloaded it earlier today & thought this app had been out & I'm just late knowing about it. Haven't had a chance to play/configure it yet, but I'm sure it's gonna be a very useful app.

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