Bucharest, Romania – March 4, 2010 – AXIGEN, the professional messaging solution vendor (Mail Server for Linux & Windows | AXIGEN), announced today that it has expanded its mail servers’ mobile sync functionalities for BlackBerry® users by adding support for the AstraSync™ client, an ActiveSync®-based application offering two-way over-the-air synchronization of emails, calendars and contacts.

Fully complementing AXIGEN’s already existing Push email and PIM synchronization capabilities, the integration with AstraSync™ allows mobile workers to increase efficiency and productivity through instant access to messages and other relevant data from their BlackBerry® smart phones, via an intuitive interface with native look-and-feel and multiple fine-tuning options.

“With AstraSync™, AXIGEN users can rely on their BlackBerry® devices for wireless synchronization of email and PIM data, at anytime, anywhere. The application is really easy to install and configure, and offers protection of confidential data, helping businesses gain a leading edge in today’s highly-versatile and mobile marketplace,” said John Davies, President and CEO of MailSite Software, Inc., the developer of AstraSync™.

”The newly-added support for AstraSync™ comes to further establish AXIGEN Mail Server as the perfect choice for both businesses of all sizes and ISPs looking to provide their users with rich mobile sync functionalities. Reliability, security and great value for money are also the key elements governing our new messaging offers for BlackBerry® enthusiasts,” added Gabriela Mechea, CEO at AXIGEN.

To get more information on the AXIGEN - AstraSync™ integration, including features, benefits and pricing details, please contact info@axigen.com at anytime.