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    VersaTool - An All-In-One Utililty

    There is a new application that just rolled out of beta. VersatileMonkey has just released an application called VersaTool which is a utility that has numerous features built in to one location. There isn't any need to have an "app for that" anymore, when you can now have an app for all of that and then some. VersaTool offers a 30 day free trial for those of you who haven't used it before. Be warned though, if you do use this it may make you want to delete many of your already installed applications. A few of the built in features it has are:

    • Many different alarms with different ring tones can be set.
    • Built in auto reply feature for your SMS and email, replies with your auto reply messages.
    • It has home screen bookmarks.
    • Tip Calculator/Conversion Calculator
    • It allows you to bookmark the weather to your home screen.
    The list goes on and on with the amount of features this utility has built in. It is definitely an application worth picking up and giving a shot. You can pick up both the free trial and the full version in the BBOS store:

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    I would like to have some more maintenance tools included - don't get me wrong, it already features several great utils... but free mem, clear cache, watch battery, and (?) ...would be highly appreciated!

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