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    Quote Originally Posted by PROB1 View Post
    In all fairness, I tried an earlier paid version. I did not like it and cut my losses. My credit union was listed and I was able to set-up the account, but it was all downhill from there. Each and every time I tried to access the account to view balances or transfer money it would tell me that they were having an issue and were aware of it. They were working on it so don't bother us. If I did send them a note, they rarely responded. I went through the same issue with the Gas & Electric company for like 150+ days as I recall. I found it less frustrating to just use the browser.
    ..if your credit union is similar to mine, they require you to answer a security challenge question about every second or third login. This is usally why pageonce will give the error message you speak of; if you switch to the accounts screen there will be a link that you can click to answer the security challenge question for you bank, and then things will resume as normal.

    I haven't tried setting it up for house utilities as most all of mine are on an equal-pay/auto-pay setup so I don't pay much attention to them. I am pretty sure though that they get their financial data through a third party service.. as I mentioned, I believe it is the same one that uses (I forget the name at the moment..), so all they can really do about adding new institutions is forward the request to the third party provider. The good news, is that since both services are expanding their user base quite rapidly, appearently the number of institutions that they can track is also increasing quickly. ..IIRC, both sites have forums were they post updates about newly supported institutions... it might be worth doing a search to see if they now support your needs.

    Also, I've been playing with the new 2.5 version and the first thing I notice is that it does not resize properly when switching screen orientation.. but then again I notice some themes also have the issue on my current OS.

    I'm still waiting to see how the new push notifications work out...

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    I don't like this app IMO.. I had it for the S1 and it was slooowww... Now I have it for the S2 and it is slooowwww... No thanks don't waste your time

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