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    Quote Originally Posted by interfasys View Post
    Of course. In this interview of the author: College Startups: Strip Down to the Essentials -

    Everything is also described in the hidden privacy policy...
    I think you may be making it sound worse than it might actually be.

    "In exchange for the service, Applico is able to aggregate non-personal data about smart-phone usage and provide advanced real-time features such as traffic information, population density distributions and tracking how many business miles a user acccumulates in a year for tax write-offs."

    Doesn't sound like any more than what a lot of big companies like Google and Microsoft already do, in my opinion.

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    Well, if I decide to use a search engine, I expect the company behind it to use some of that data to build a profile of my online behavior (unless I block it), but I certainly don't expect a backup application to go through all my personal data to do the same or to use my phone as its own personal lab to collect data about my current location.

    But I agree, I should rephrase, my original statement.
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    Backing up your information is always a good idea, not putting all your eggs in one basket, even better!

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