This is news I'm certainly excited about. BeeJive has decided to lower the price of their IM client by 50%. It was a very pricey app at $20, but it is more affordable now at only $9.99. BeeJive IM is a very nice IM client that let's you have Facebook, MySpace, AIM, GoogleTalk, Yahoo!, Windows Live, ICQ & Jabber all in one handy app. It works great too. I was a previous owner of BeeJive but when I swapped to my Storm 2 they wanted me to pay an outrageous price to transfer it. With the new price drop I was able to transfer the license for only $5.99. So now I'm in BeeJive Heaven again! If you are in need of an all inclusive IM client, then I recommend giving the BeeJive 30 Day Trial a spin.