Are you sick of people who can't read the Do Not Call List calling you? Ever wonder what that random number is?

First Orion, a company dedicated to consumer privacy protection relating to telephonic communication, has announced that their PrivacyStar app is now available in Blackberry AppWorld. This new app will help you figure out who the unknown caller is using Caller Lookup (which includes 800 number search service) AND let you block them so you can finally get through dinner without being bothered by some shmoe trying to sell you magazine subscriptions! And it doesn't stop there. Not only can you block the pesky callers, but you can also report them to regulatory agencies on your behalf directly from the app. This will help authorities prevent the violators from bugging other people in the future.

So exactly how easy is it? Well, all you have to do is go into your call log and add the number in question to your PrivacyList to block them, or just add them to your contacts so you'll know who it is next time. And unblocking is just as easy! Just remove the number from your PrivacyList and they will no longer be blocked.

Here is a full list of what PrivacyStar offers:
  • Report offenders to authorities directly using PrivacyStar
  • Block unwanted callers from your call log menu or enter numbers manually
  • Block private or unknown callers
  • Block Exchanges
  • On demand PrivacyStar caller identification
  • Fully integrated with your portal
  • Keep track of how many PrivacyStar calls you’re receiving

PrivacyStar is free for a 30 day trial period, after that you pay only $2.99 per month.