Welcome back to Part 2 of the BlackberryOS Holiday Shopping Guide. A few days ago we had posted up Part 1 - Holiday Shopping Guide which went through a few accessories that would make perfect gifts. This time I'd like to go through some useful applications for the Blackberry that you or some one you know may find useful. Also remember that with applications, you can use our promo code: BBOSOpen to get you 20% off, this ends the 18th though.

Right off the bat you can take a look at the Top 10 best selling applications.
From productive to fun, any of them are a great addition to your Blackberry device.
Some themes have made it into the list, an added bonus while your browsing.
You can check them out here: BlackberryOS Best Selling Applications.

The first app I am going to mention is Tetherberry. Some will disagree with me but I have used this application more times then I thought I would. If you have a crappy ISP, I wont mention names but you could take a wild guess if I said it rhymes with last. But when they decide to "perform maintenance" you can easily start up Tetherberry and you're back on the net. Speed wise is going to vary, but I have been able to download movies while connected using Tetherberry and was still able to surf the net. The price is pretty high for Tetherberry, but remember we have a 20% off discount code. So instead of paying $49.95, you can take off 20% of that!

Beyond160 is a great add on for your device. However, it is only for users on a CDMA network. I hate that I am limited to 160 characters when sending a text message. No matter what the discussion is, it is a PITA when you are stopped because you can not go past 160 characters. Well Beyond160 changes that! Just keep on typing as much as you want and the text will be sent in separate messages and show Part (1/3),(2/3) and so on. Best thing is that now until Christmas Beyond160 is only $.99 cents!!

A few weeks back we had the developer of e-GPS on our live show and talked a little bit about this application. While there are other applications out there that have the same features, e-GPS is a one time purchase fee. So what is e-GPS? If you have ever lost, misplaced or had your phone stolen, or want to cover yourself in case it happens in the future, then this is the app for you.
It allows you to remotely send a command to your phone that will have your phone email you, its GPS location, your address book with all your contact information, as well as remotely wipe your phone and SD card to protect all of your information. Also if you have misplaced your phone at home or office, you can send an alert command, and have it ring, even if the sounds are turned completely off or set to vibrate. Once downloaded and activated, it runs in the background, and works by command, through email or SMS. e-GPS goes for a one time fee of $4.99 but until December 12th, you can get it for $2.49.

There are quite a bit of applications that have been developed, that should have been included in the release of all Blackberry devices. SmartSig is one of them. If you are a heavy e-mail user on your Blackberry then you will know how annoying it is that your signature on outgoing e-mails are always at the bottom of the e-mail when your reply is at the top. SmartSig fixes that! Create your email signatures in SmartSig and SmartSig will automatically place your email signature directly below the body of your email message where it belongs. SmartSig goes for $1.50 and well worth it.

IM+ is an all in one Instant messaging application. This integrates your AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, MySpace IM, Google talk and some others, all into one. There are some users who are fine with just the default AIM app that comes with their device, or the Yahoo, MSN messengers. I use IM+ about 90% of the time and I have enjoyed it. I've used other IM apps that were decent, but did not come close to IM+. I am pretty sure that you do not have to pay upgrade fee's when a newer IM+ version is released. IM+ goes for a one time price of $39.95 but again, with the discount code BBOSOpen you can get it for 20% off!

Not to long ago, Blurts Pro was the Deal Of The Day. Everyone sits at their computer desk more then they sit anywhere else. Many of the times you do not have your BlackBerry with you and your phone goes off. How awesome would it be to know who is calling you just by looking at your PC? Well Blurts Pro allows that! You can view who is calling by looking at your monitor. Not only can you see who is calling but you can answer it, dial a number, turn volume up or down and even view and send SMS texts! This is def a got to have app!! Blurts Pro goes for $5.99

BerryWeather is the hottest selling weather app out there right now. It is visually stunning and has tons of features. To name a few as an example; Full support for OS 5.0 screen transitions, keep up to 10 locations at the same time and switch between them with a flick of the trackball (or on the Storm, your finger swipe!). See your current weather as a home screen wallpaper, includes many customization options. New high resolution icon-set and more than 20 other features! A must have for the weather enthusiast. $9.95 or $7.96 with the BBOSOpen coupon. Many agree that it's the must have weather app to have.

Pocket Informant is designed as the most usable and powerful Calendar, Task, Contacts management software for your BlackBerry. Pocket Informant is the only full featured Personal Information Manager for the BlackBerry. Detail your appointments, tasks, or contacts to store more detailed notes about each encounter or for time billing purposes. Assign category colors and icons so you can more easily see your appointments, tasks and contacts and see what you're doing this month. The focus with Pocket Informant was to meld it's functions for the Blackberry! Full support for the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Tour. It's only $15.96 with the coupon (BBOSOpen), and for what is packed in this app, what a great deal. Get it now before the coupon expires.

If you have children or just like the classics, this app was made just for you. Aesop's Fables have stood the test of time & have delighted young & old alike for centuries, each with its own lesson.
This two series set (each containing 120+ stories, alphabetically arranged) of Aesop's Fables includes such classics as: "The Fox & the Grapes", "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" , "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing".
It's only $1.99 until Dec 23, that's over 50% off.

More information and/or to purchase Aesop's Fables: Volume I

DVD To GO is a must have app if you are an avid movie buff or just like to pass the time with your favorite flick, always at arms reach. Take your DVDs on the plane, train or automobile, watch them on vacation, at work or at school. DVD To GO provides an All-In-One solution to convert automatically your DVD, or video file(MPEG, AVI, WMV, etc. ) on the PC to a super small movie file, which will play on your BlackBerry on a postage stamp size memory card. On a 1 Gb card you can store 8 feature films or 10 hours of TV or Youtube programming!
Special Price: $14.95 until Dec. 18th.

More information and/or to purchase DVD To GO