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    Seesmic for BlackBerry updated to v1.1.10

    A few weeks ago another contender in the Twitter for BlackBerry battle released their app. Seesmic for BlackBerry was released to mixed reviews. Some complained about fonts sizes while many of us were boggled by the fact that the notification icon displayed in the banner even when there were no new tweets. Seesmic has put out a new version that should take care of that. Download 1.1.10 and let us know what you think. Can it now compete with the likes of UberTwitter and Socialscope? Let us know.

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    Just downloaded the 1.1 Aplpha version for my Storm 1 and so far impressed.

    Small app footprint
    Very fast to load.
    Tweeting is very fast
    Friend/Follower image enlarges when oyu click on their tweet
    Can shorten URL
    Keyboard doesn'y stay on screen when finished typing
    Icon no longer stays on notification screen

    Uses Lists

    Doesn't use BIS
    Have to login everytime you open the app
    (although useful for multiple accounts)
    No shorten tweet feature like UT

    I'm going to uninstall UT and use this for a while as it really has improved from the last version.

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    The one thing I like most about UT is having access to my list of followers and those I the list of THEIR timelines too...

    Seesmic seems nice but I have to stick with UT for above reason...

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