Last week it was announced that a free version of the popular software Gwabbit would be launching this week. This free version debuted yesterday in app world. Gwabbit automatically searches and identifies contacts embedded in emails on your BlackBerry smartphone, and adds or updates that information to your BlackBerry Contacts, in a single click. Though it sounds like this free version may come at a small price after all.

"So what’s the difference between Free gwabbit and Paid gwabbit? The free version of gwabbit for BlackBerry is just like the paid version with one key difference. Free gwabbit includes an alerting feature that lets your contacts know (via email) when you’ve added them to your address book using gwabbit. This service is invaluable particularly for sales and business development. Of course, “gwabbees” can opt-out of the gwabbit alert service at any time if they prefer not to stay current on who’s added their contact info."

As Ronen pointed out on BerryReview, this sounds like any email you receive ends up going to Gwabbit's servers. So take what you will from this free version. If it suits your needs, then great. But if you are concerned about privacy, you may want to think twice, or go with the paid version.

Download free version of Gwabbit in App World