As a follow on to my Firefighter's toolkit, I have now created an application that contains the Emergency Response Guidebook. See the info below including a location to grab the free trial and purchase the full license.



7 Day free trial included!

This tool contains a fully searchable version of the Emergency Response Guidebook 2008. It contains a database of over 3200 materials keyed by UN number, their isolation and evacuation distances and the guide book pages they reference.

You can also search the Guidebook directly by guide page number.

The app also contains a listing of the Intermodal Container Hazard Identification Codes and their meanings.

  • Search over 3200 materials by UN number
  • Cross reference from the material to the corresponding guidebook page
  • View isolation and evacuation distances in metric and imperial units
  • Search guidebook directly by guide page number
  • View Intermodal container Hazard Identification Codes
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