Are you a power email user? Do you have several email accounts on your BlackBerry? Then you probably know what a pain it is to manage more than one email signature. Sure you could set up an auto-text entry with your signature, but your signature still ends up in the wrong spot after replying once or twice to a message. That's where SmartSig comes in. SmartSig is a small application that manages all of your different signatures for your email accounts, and makes sure they show up in the right spot, even in a long email chain.

Here's how it works. After you remove your signature from your carrier's BIS server, SmartSig will put the signature in the right place. It supports adding signatures to outgoing emails and outgoing SMS (SMS is 4.6+ only). Each signature can be individually enabled or disabled so you don't have to delete a signature if you don't want to use it at that time.

When editing a signature there's a checkbox to enable/disable the signature and a text area to enter the signature. If it's an email signature you are creating, then a list of your email accounts are shown on the device so you can select which one this particular signature will be applied to.

SmartSig works on any BlackBerry device running OS 4.3+. For a list of all features and to purchase SmartSig (only $1.50!), visit the BBOS store.