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    Beejive IM Beta updated to work on OS 5.0 Devices

    BeeJive has released a version of its popular IM app that now works on the 5.0 OSs. Some of us have been waiting patiently for a version that would run 5.0 and now our wishes have come true. If you are not familiar with BeeJive then you will want to check out the free trial period of the app. BeeJive is an IM client that lets you view AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, Windows Live Messenger, MySPace IM, Yahoo! Messenger, IBM Lotus Sametime and Facebook IM chats all in one handy app. If you are a previous user of BeeJive then you might be surprised at the nice list of new features they added.

    New features from current production version:
    • support for 5.0 OS

    • file transfers via link, you can now transfer files to buddies on all IM accounts.

    • email push when app running in background (see preferences in app).

    • send voice notes

    • send GPS location (if supported by phone)

    • new chat styles & background images

    • new buddy list layouts

    • improved battery life

    • overall UI redesign

    • facebook IM

    • various other bug fixes & enhancements

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    anyone know how long this trial period is?

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    Isn't it like 30 days?

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    30 day trail but you can purchase a copy for 19.95 for your current BBY or 29.95 to make it transferable to your next phone.

    I think the app is cool! Used it today to chat between FB friends and AIM friends. Even did a chat room on AIM and it worked. everyone saw me - a bit clumsy with so much going on but it worked.

    Liked the window layout on my storm - the alternating bubbles and choice of send and receive colors (customizable) are a neat feature too.

    I have AIM, Google and FB so having one app that work for all three is better than running three apps.

    Not sure about battery drain - used it on a 60 minute chat - AIM and FB connections simultanious and lost about 30% battery.

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