So RIM has released a new java kit allowing so many new features much needed by developers. The official list includes:

Productivity Boosters
  • SQLite Support: New API provides fundamental support for data sharing across different applications on BlackBerry® smartphones. Also supports the Gears JavaScript® API with the database portion layering on top of SQLite
  • Improved BrowserField API: New updated API enables you to quickly and easily embed web content within a Java® application
  • Random File Access: Read data from and write data to any specified location within a file

Compelling Java User Interfaces
  • Support for JSR 239 and OpenGL® ES: Rich 2D and 3D graphics support using JSR 239 and BlackBerry APIs. JSR 239 contains the Java binding for OpenGL ES
  • Date and Time Picker: High level picker, which allows users to choose a day, month, year or time visually
  • File Picker: High level picker, which allows users to navigate to files by embedding a system file picker in third-party applications
  • Location Picker: High level picker, which allows users to choose a location from a list that a third-party application defines
  • Grid Layout Manager: An easy and simple way to manage a table or list layout on the screen
  • Screen Transitions: Animation API, which enables visual effects that appear when your application opens or closes a screen
  • Picture Scrolling: An image field where a row of images is displayed. Users can scroll through the images
  • Eyelid Field: Display fields on a pair of managers that appear on the top and bottom of a screen
  • Image Zooming and Panning: Zoom in and out within any image and pan the image
  • Bitmap Scale and Compare: Manipulate Bitmaps and display them in a specified size and aspect ratio

Application and Data Integration
  • Third-party Application Phone Screen Integration: Enables third-party developers to customize incoming and active call screens by adding static text or images to the lower half of those screens
  • Multi-line Support: Multiple cellular and PBX lines are now available on BlackBerry smartphones. Third-party applications can access the various phone lines, retrieve corresponding phone numbers, invoke the phone app and have it use a specific phone line, etc.
  • JSR 135 Video Capture: New API enables third-party applications to embed the BlackBerry viewfinder to record video clips and display and stream them in the view finder as specified in JSR 135
  • Multiple ContactList Support: New API supports multiple Personal Information Management (PIM) data sources. It allows third-party developers to use existing PIM APIs to access and query each individual address book on a BlackBerry smartphone
  • Enhanced Media Key Events: Third-party media players can access and respond to dedicated media keys on the newer BlackBerry smartphones, plus there’s a new API and media player event handling mechanism
  • Updated Touch Event Injection: The existing EventInjector API has been updated to support touch events such as swipe, tap and click through
  • Custom User Authentication API: Create custom user authentication modules that work with security devices
  • Name Reading Support in Contacts: Enables access to extended Yomi fields in BlackBerry contacts. This extension only applies for the Japanese market
  • Biometric API: Store, manage and access fingerprint data on supported smart cards
  • MEID Retrieve API: Programmatically retrieve the Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) string from a CDMA device

See anything you like?