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    BerrySocial, BlackBerry Social Network!

    Are you tired of just using Myspace and Facebook to communicate with friends? Got tons of BlackBerry friends to keep track of? The social networking has grown so huge these days, even with BlackBerry addicts! BerrySocial has just came up on the radar for ALL BlackBerry users & addicts.

    With all the features supported
    BerrySocial, it is sure to soon be a hit! BlackBerry users can share information, files, chat, tweet from the site, and get latest news about your BlackBerry. Thats just a few of the options available all in just a few clicks around the site. Adding the support for widgets, Hulu, google maps, and even connect with Xbox Live or PS2/3 users can connect and make their own profile unique! They have also set up an area for groups so you can support your favorite BlackBerry site!

    So head over to
    BerrySocial, register and become a fan of BlackberryOS!!

    Head over to BerrySocial and register to meet new people!

    *Check out the screen shots below!*

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    I was apart of the original beta for this and have to say they did a good job. Very nice!

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    Now this sounds very cool. thanks for the post.
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