Earlier this year BlackBerry announced the availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. BES 10 brought admins a number of new features like centralized management and support for new BlackBerry 10 devices. Since then the company has been actively working on an update to BES 10 that would bring a number of improvements and new features to BlackBerry Administrators.

The update scheduled for release at BlackBerry Live in May, will allow for BES 10.1 to be installed on the same physical server that is running BES 5. Currently BES 10 needs to be installed on a separate server.

More details on BES 10.1 have been revealed through a German/Swiss website bb10.ch. Some of the features that are expected to be in BES 10.1 are listed below: (via Google translate)

  • Delete user from the Management Studio will be possible
  • Creating " EMM Advanced Users "will be possible.
  • Detailed info for smartphone
  • Uniform interface for BES10/BES5
  • Evaluate options to export the data in BES10 by other means
  • Additional query options to carriers, platforms, ...
  • High Availability (HA) for BES10 (Active / Passive), similarly solved as in the old BES5

  • Advanced Enterprise Mobility management is introduced. It will be possible to operate the BlackBerrys in a work-only mode, expand policies to drive as certain hardware features, personal elements, links, etc. restrict (80 policies)

  • New logging options for SMS / MMS / Phone / BBM / Video Chat / PIN in a CSV
  • Secure Workspace for iOS & Android devices . There will be Secure Email, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, and browser. A rollout of business apps, which is also possible to communicate in a secure tunnel to the corporate network. Secure the container can be assigned to users via BES10. Of course, the Workspace (container) can be disabled via the Admin panel, deleted or deactivated. (Eg for a user leaves the company or the unit has lost)
  • All apps via the Secure Workspace pushed, have access to the corporate network and you do not care about the VPN ish. VPN go on mobile devices much to the detriment of the battery. It will probably be the case that even Android and iOS devices do not require direct connection to the BES10 and / or mail system. All traffic is routed through the RIM data center.

While these details aren't official they do look very promising. BlackBerry is continuing to improve its enterprise MDM solutions and continues to be a top choice among MDM solutions.

via berryreview images source bb10.ch