RIM has formally announced the availability of BES 5.0 SP4. About a month ago RIM published information regarding the new features of SP4, so some admins may already be familiar with most of the features. In addition to a wealth of new features and fixes the update also prepares your BES environment for BES 10. BES 10 is set to be released in May at BBW 2013. Organizations that utilize Novell GroupWise can expect to see SP4 sometime in November.

RIM is always improving their enterprise products. Here are some key details about this new update:

Improvements for administrators

  • Access control rules for groups
  • BlackBerry Administration Service improvements
  • The latest security patches and bug fixes are included
  • Upgraded Java support

Improvements for the End User experience

  • Improved handling of HTML email messages
  • Support for larger email attachments
  • Improved graphics rendering for Microsoft® PowerPoint® attachments
  • Support for Microsoft Office password-protected attachments
  • Calendar & message enhancements

Administrators will want to review the following documents before upgrading: