Last night RIM released MR6 for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.3. This one actually has a nice little list of changes so its probably a good idea to get this one rolled out. One thing to note is the issue with activation passwords not being sent to the end user has been fixed per the release notes "If you created a new user and selected Create a user with a generated activation password, the BlackBerry Administration Service did not always send the activation email". Its nice to have this one fixed.

Fixed issues:

  • Activation
  • BlackBerry Administration Service
  • BlackBerry Attachment Service
  • BlackBerry Collaboration Service
  • BlackBerry MDS Connection Service
  • BlackBerry Mail Store Service
  • BlackBerry Messaging Agent
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Resource Kit
  • BlackBerry Synchronization Service
  • BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager
  • High Availability
  • Logging
  • Organizer data synchronization
  • Security
  • SNMP
Read the release notes and download MR 6 here: