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    BES Tips and Tricks

    Hello Everyone,

    I thought I would begin a sticky that would include some tips and tricks for managing BES environment. As time permits I will be adding more tips and tricks to this thread. So I hope you enjoy some of these tips.

    Correct order to restart BES services

    Often times you will run into a situation that requires a restart of the BES server. The correct order to stop and start the services are as follows:

    To stop the BES services:

    BlackBerry Controller
    BlackBerry Dispatcher
    BlackBerry Router
    All remaining BES services

    To start BES services:

    BlackBerry Router
    BlackBerry Dispatcher
    BlackBerry Controller
    All remaining BES services

    One thing I have found useful when starting or stopping the BES services in a Groupwise environment is to make sure that the Groupwise service is started before all other remaining services are started.

    Activation Tips

    On older version of BES, specifically the 4.0 series you were limited on how you could activate a device. If your lucky to have physical access to the server on some of the legacy BES servers installing the device drivers and plugging the device in via usb can at times, prove to be a quicker way of activation.
    With version 5.0 and newer there are some additional methods of activation that are worth noting.

    The following are ways in you may activate a Blackberry device:

    Option 1: Activate a BlackBerry device using the BlackBerry Administration Service

    1.Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer that hosts the BlackBerry Administration Service.
    2.On the Devices menu, expand Attached devices.
    3.Click Manage current device.
    4.Click Assign current device.
    5.Search for a user account.
    6.In the search results, click the display name for a user account.
    7.Click Associate user.
    8.Click Assign current device.

    Option 2: Activating a BlackBerry device over the wireless network

    To activate a BlackBerry device over the wireless network, you assign an activation password to a user account. The user receives the activation password in an email message and associates the BlackBerry device with the email account by typing the password on the BlackBerry device.

    Option 3: Activating BlackBerry devices over the LAN

    Users can activate BlackBerry devices by connecting them to computers that the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is associated with. During the activation process, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager prompts users to associate the BlackBerry devices with their work email accounts and generate encryption keys.

    Option 4: Activating BlackBerry devices using the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager

    Users can activate their BlackBerry devices by connecting them to computers using a USB cable or Bluetooth connection and logging in to the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager. During the activation process, the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager prompts users to associate the BlackBerry device with their email accounts and generate encryption keys.

    Option 5: Activating BlackBerry devices over an enterprise Wi-Fi network

    Users can activate Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry devices over an enterprise Wi-Fi network in environments that have the following characteristics:

    *BlackBerry devices can connect to the enterprise Wi-Fi network but cannot connect to the *BlackBerry Infrastructure.
    *Users did not install BlackBerry Desktop Manager on their computers and cannot access *BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager.
    *You want to deploy and activate a large number of BlackBerry devices.

    I have taken these from the BES admin guide, and tried to condense them down for easy access. I like having things for quick reference.

    Random tips

    Many times if you have to reboot your Domain Controller in a windows environment you will also need to reboot your BES server as well.You can follow the procedure listed above to restart the services.

    Calendar and contacts stop syncing.

    There are few things that could contribute to this, but here are some common fixes:

    Option 1 toggle wireless sync option

    Go into the calendar and contacts of the affected BlackBerry. Select the BlackBerry menu button, and choose “Options”.Make sure wireless sync is set to "yes". Toggle the wireless sync option to no wait a few second then toggle it back to yes. It should start updating.

    Option 2 Use the RSET command

    Select Calendar, -> Options
    Scroll to the bottom of the menu and type RSET.
    There is no text field to type RSET within, but typing RSET will result in a prompt stating that This will erase your Desktop calendar, and reload it from your server. Continue?". To erase the calendar and allow the device to re-populate with data directly from the server, select Yes.

    This works for both calendar and contacts.

    Option 3 Delete the service books

    From the Home screen, click Options.
    Click Device.
    Click Advanced System Settings.
    Click Service Book.
    Highlight the Desktop [“MIME” “SYNC” and “CAL” ] service book, press the Menu key, and select Delete.

    Do not forget to re send the service books!

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    This will help answer a ton of question, thanks for posting your knowledge.

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    I was able to respond to a user's issue regarding BES, and this thread solved it...thank you ice!!

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