In the recent months we have have seen a growth in intuitiveness of the people over at RIM, and that intuitiveness has not stopped.

On Monday RIM announced the acquisition of a company called Ubitexx. Which specialize in multi-platform mobile device management and security. The key for RIM with this recent acquisition is the ability to control other mobile devices besides Blackberries; this includes iOS and Android devices.

Being that more, and more organizations are faced with problem of having so many mixed devices this definitely proves to be a good move on RIMS part. This allows organizations to get a grip on all those wacky iOS, and Android apps that people just can resist downloading.

Some of the areas that RIM will focus on with this new platform include the following:

The multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise Solution will be comprised of optional architectural components based on the configuration of an organization’s mobile deployment and their operational needs. Optional components will include BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for BlackBerry devices, and a separate, secure device management server for Android and iOS devices (based on the foundation of ubi-Suite from ubitexx). It will be possible to deploy multiple components in a virtualized environment on a single server.
As you can see RIM has opened the doors to become more flexible with the surrounding market of Android, and iOS devices. Now IT Administrators will finally be able to keep all of their eggs in one basket.

You may read the formal press release here:

BlackBerry - Press Releases