Are you a Blackberry Systems Administrator? Are you on the front line of your firm, sorting the bytes from the bits of a BES or a BESX?

Well now you get the chance to join in the Beta's currently being pushed by RIM. Be among the first to beta test new releases of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Experience new features before release, get a jump start on planning your upgrades and collaborate with other administrators all over the world.

Register for beta software at BlackBerry Beta Zone and nominate your organization for BlackBerry Enterprise programs today! Choose one of these two easy ways to register:

  • 1. You can join BlackBerry Beta Zone ( and become members first. Then, when you log in, you can complete a nomination form: from the Home page, select “Nominate an Organization link from right column. This way, you’ll hear about all available beta programs from RIM including enterprise software.

  • 2. If you’re short on time, you can visit BlackBerry Beta Zone and nominate an organization ( without having to join the site or log in first. This way is quicker but you’ll miss out on all the other beta programs at RIM.

  • Whatever you choose, we want to hear from you.