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OK, I figured I would weigh in on this one...
I had a Redfly until I moved from WinMo phones to my Storm back in January. I was able to get it cheap and I will tell you it worked great with my Moto Q9m and any other WinMo phone I hooked it up to. Now, did I buy it because I am an email freak or airport dweller? No, I got it because I am a gadget nut and have to try everything new out there.

will charge your phone when connected with a USB cable
can use a wired or wireless USB mouse
gives you a bigger screen for viewing emails, docs, web surfing
battery lasts FOREVER
holds no info so if lost or stolen it is not a security issue

another gadget to lug around
you really need to have a wifi enabled smartphone to really make websurfing a good experience
limited to only what your smartphone can do - a netbook is way more usable
expensive - should be $99

Unfortunately I must agree with P3Designs that the Redfly is a "failing enterprise" because of the proliferation of netbooks and the newer and better smartphone hardware out there. Where Celio can/will come thru is with the software they have or are developing/testing that lets you do the Redfly thing with your regular notebook/netbook/desktop.
Thanks so much for an actual hands on review!

i will say i think if they made a complete shift to software development they could have a greater market...possibly, still not entirely sure if i would use it but i do know id want to play with it for atleast a day