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    Discuss Accessory Review: ClarityOne In-Ear Headphones (EB110)

    The unboxing of a new smartphone is an art form in itself. If you’re like me, you typically throw everything to the side as you marvel at your new piece of technology. Within the discarded packaging, you normally find an accessory that will never leave the box: the low-quality earbuds.Smartphones have evolved over the last decade, from a simple communication tool to high-quality portable multimedia devices. Long gone are the days of carrying separate devices for music & communication. With this technological evolution comes the need for earbuds that can provide you with a superior quality of sound. Today, let me introduce you to a hidden gem in the earbud industry, the ClarityOne In-Ear Headphones.The technology behind ClarityOne’s headphones is not something that came to fruition overnight. What is found within these headphones is a technology called The PureSound Processor, which took over 12 years to develop. These are not traditional headphones. Unlike traditional headphones, PureSound Processor's patented technology creates opposing magnetic forces that cancel’s out the inductive reactance. What this gives you is a clean, pure & distortion-free sound for your listening pleasure. (You can read a more in-depth explanation of the technology on ClarityOne’s Tech page).Specs:
    • Sensitivity (1kHz): 110dB SPL/mW
    • Frequency Range: 15 Hz – 20 kHz
    • Jack Plug: 3.5 mm stereo gold plated
    • Cable Length: 48 in/1.12 m tangle free
    • Transducer: 7.5mm neodymium magnet
    • Impedance (1kHz): 8 ohm

    Being an avid lover of music & movies while commuting daily, I had high expectations prior trying these headphones. With a $100+ price tag, I was a bit sceptical. It’s not often that something that looks good on paper actually meets up to those standards. Within moments of plugging these headphones into my BlackBerry Bold 9900, I was immersed into a whole new world of audio listening. While listening to some of the latest Top 40 songs, I literally felt like I was in the studio listening to these songs being recorded. The clean, interference-free sound made every aspect of the songs stand out on their own. I could hear distinct differences in bass & percussions that I had never really noticed in these songs before. It felt like I was at a live concert!
    If you think the excitement was exclusive to music listening, we’ve only hinted at the true power of these earbuds. While watching the latest TV episodes of Flashpoint on my BlackBerry PlayBook, these earbuds brought a surround-sound like atmosphere to my viewing pleasure. The bullets from those guns sounded like they were skimming right next to me!Pros:• Multiple colours (Blue, Grey, Orange)• Superior Audio Quality• Carrying-case included• 3 sizes of custom silicone tips included (small, medium, large)Cons:• Rigid headphone cord that lack flexibility
    If you are looking for some high-quality earbuds as a stocking stuffer this year, you won’t be disappointed with ClarityOne In-Ear Headphones. At a reasonable cost of $130, these headphones are worth every penny spent for the joy they will be bring to the audiophile in your life. You can purchase these directly from Staples Canada (in-store), ClarityOne or from several retailers online, including Future Shop or Best Buy in Canada & BrookStone, Huppin's One Call or Crutchfield in USA.
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