Bluetooth's Do you use them?
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Thread: Bluetooth's Do you use them?

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    Bluetooth's Do you use them?

    A long time ago i came to the realization that bluetooth is pretty wortheless for file transfers and things of the like. When i learned the protocol found a nice home with voice transfer i thought to myself, "good for you bluetooth, good for you". A few days ago i was introduced to a bluetooth headset. While utter disgust in bt had me reluctant i tried the headset out with my 9900. I used the HS-700 headset as my coworker told me i need to "experience my phone life handsfree". Hes the kind of ass hat that walks around with the thing in his ear 24/7. But i washed out the ear gel and stuffed it in my ear, the pairing, was super easy and the connection was very clear, and then it dawned on me that all phones should be made this way....hands free connection to the phone is amazing! The headset was also optimized for iOS which made it pairing and using a lot easier than other option from what i my question to you all, is do you use bluetooth headsets? I would love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly in regard to your experience with bt headsets...

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    Yes, I do use BT. We have it in both the wife's car and my truck. I have a Motorola headset for occasional use when I'm in a rental or just want to keep my hands free and I recently acquired a new BT speaker for my work truck, too. Makes life much easier. I'm not one that keeps it in my ear unless I need it though
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