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    Review: BlackBerry Soft Shell Case 9900/9930

    I ordered the OEM BlackBerry soft shell case for the new Bold 9900/9930 in black. I wasn't sure if I wanted the soft shell or the nice hard shells that BlackBerry is making for the new Bold. I ended up going with the soft shell for a few reasons. The main reason was that the hard shell case back was a glossy black plastic that would definately show scratches. The soft shell is more of a matte soft touch finish.

    I remember hearing that the new soft shells were a lot like the high gloss silicon cases that Verizon sells. They are the flimsy silicon that don't stay on the phone, but are semi rigid.

    Upon receipt of the case, I looked it over. The back case is incredibily well made. No burrs or seams from pour manufactoring. There is a nice contrast of the plastic where that covers the band. Instead of the matte black, it is a shiny black. It gives the appearance of a black polished band. The back is a matte black with the BlackBerry symbol pushed into it. I would have preferred if BB had colored their symbol or added paint to create a more contrasted symbol. But I am extremely happy with the sleekness and stealth look it creates.

    The fit of the case is extremely well. It snaps on without problem. It slides in and out of my jeans without falling off or even peeling. The power button (which is extremely recessed) is much easier to manage. It does make pressing the convenience key more difficult to press though. The device is easier to hold on to. The case does not entirely cover the silver band around the phone. But honestly, I like that. I like it because it shows just a little silver accent that matches perfectly with the silver frets that divide the keys.

    Overall, I'm extremely happy with the case and am loving it. Although, when my Otterbox Commuter case comes next week...we'll see if it makes the cut. I'll write a review if you all want for that case as well.

    Good job BlackBerry on a case well made.

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    Nice review Mark, very well written. I can see the case in my mind.
    I'm jonesen for a 9860 and I hope that RIM makes a nice case/holster for it.
    When you get the Otterbox, write it up here so we can see the differences. I have one for my 9800 that I LOVE!!
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    If you've got some photos throw them up and I'll post this on the front page as a full review!

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