I had a chance to test out the CaseMate Hybrid Tough case for my 9650 and I figured I would write up my experiences. What separates these cases from most BlackBerry cases is that it comes in two pieces: a soft silicon shell which is wrapped by a harder ABS plastic skin. Overall I thought the case was great in some respects but it really fell short of my overall expectations. Check out the full review below.


The phone came with the full tools CaseMate sends with their phones: screen protector, microfiber cloth, a card for helping apply the screen protector as well as the actual case itself:

One of the main reasons I found I didn't like the case was the feel of the ABS plastic. Its a hard slick silicone and after two days of testing, I was really missing my OtterBox case's feel. I did like the two-piece composition, its a clever idea but I also didn't like the silicone was covering the charge ports and headset (see the YouTube video below for details). It makes charging the BlackBerry tedious, and for a heavy user on a CDMA network, you know how often we have to charge our devices.

The Case:

  • Two-piece assembly
  • A variety of Color Options on the CM webpage
  • Didn't seem to absorb dust much as my OtterBox

  • The Screen Protector was too large. (I tried it about 5 times and have added tons of protectors in the past so I don't think its just me. Eventually gave up and went nude).
  • ABS plastic was too slick. Seems like my OtterBox has a better hold on surfaces.
  • All ports were covered by silicone. I wanted to cut them off after 4 days.

So there you go. At the end of the day, I just gave the case away to a friend and went back to the OtterBox. I can see why some people would really like the CaseMate Hybrid cases but I would recommend a different case to someone. The slick ABS plastic and not being able to add a screen protector were the two biggest killers for me. If you have a different opinion, please let me know in the comments.