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    100% Customized BlackBerry Phone Cases by LuxAddiction

    Just in time for the holiday season! I'm about to roll-out a little secret from yours truly. There are a few websites out there that specialize in custom BlackBerry phone cases, but I know of one that decks BlackBerry cases out in an extravagent way, and get this, they're hand made and 100% customizable. Think "Pimp My Ride," except instead of a car it could be your phone or the phone of someone you know! If you're a girl that likes to accessorize or a flamboyant kind of guy, just check these out.

    Yes they're gaudy and that's why they're for the bold, wild, adventerous, and maybe even a little bit crazy! For those of you who fit the latter or know a BlackBerry addict that does, they might just be perfect!

    The website ( hosts over 100 hundred different styles so if these don't tickle your fancy, there's sure to be something that will.

    You've got the idea by now. I've owned 2 cases, and I was quite satisfied overall, but:

    • The cases are expensive. However, compared to other swarovski cases that are sometimes $200 or more, these are a great price.
    • It takes about 1 month to receieve your hand-designed phone case (Think about it, they're hand made with tons of one of a kind, unique details.)

    • LuxAddiction makes these cases swarovski crystals
    • Phone cases are extremely durable
    • The company provides extra gems in case a few of yours fall off (From personal experience, I've only had 1 come off and I used my case daily)
    • The cases are unique and completely customizable
    • LuxAddiction has good customer service via telephone or webchat
    • If your phone model is not listed, you can still request one to be made as they will order the case that fits your phone

    What do you think about these cases?

    - Avonlea
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